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Ant[ edit ] A chain of restaurants serves a salad crawling with live ants. The ants are chilled so that they move slower, and are supposed to taste like lemongrass.

6 08 animals

Obviously, humans aren't the only animals that sing. Birds do it, killer whales do it, and if you happen to work in construction and are really lucky, you might just see a frog do it.

Continue Reading Below Advertisement What makes humans unique is pop culture. One guy can make a song, put it on an album or the Internet and have thousands of people singing along to it, all over the world.

There's no way another animal does that, right? Well, we know of at least one. Whale songs become "hits" that can spread halfway around the globe. All the males in a humpback whale population usually sing just one song at any given time.

But once they get bored of that song, an innovator in the group will start singing a new one. Sometimes, this new song contains elements of the previous song combined with some new stuff, kind of like when the Fat Boys and Chubby Checker worked together on " The Twist.

But that's just a bunch of whales in a group imitating each other. That's not like the mass media pop culture humans have, right? Except scientists have found out that a song doesn't stay limited to just one population. A catchy enough tune will actually spread all over the Pacific, from Australia to French Polynesia, thousands of miles, over a couple of years.

For some reason, all the whales east of Australia are unoriginal bastards who will just plagiarize their western neighbors once they hear them sing a new song. Getty They just stick it over a dance beat and call it a remix.

Girls will lead entire fantasy lives with their dolls, giving them names, taking care of them when they're pretend-sick, giving them pretend-weddings and even pretend-scolding them when they pretend-make poor life decisions. Getty "Raggedy Ann won big on the craps table but then got greedy, didn't she?

After all, it's not like other animal species are out there having little slumber parties with their dolls while we're not looking, right? Continue Reading Below Advertisement Except, yeah, there's one species that's totally doing exactly that.

Surprisingly, when it comes to playtime, human kids and chimpanzees are actually more alike than you think. Researchers from Bates College and Harvard University found that young female chimps would take sticks, bark, small logs and vines, and not only cradle them as if they were baby chimps themselves, but also use their imagination for the whole doll-owning experience.

Getty The stick was later taken by the CPS. When playing with their doll-sticksthe young females would cuddle with them, put them to bed and rest with them in their nests like a little girl sleeping with her plush toy for security.

A few times, the little dolls even got the equivalent of their own Barbie dream houses, as the chimp girls would build separate nests just for them to pretend-live in.

And during the day, the chimp girls would also walk around with their sticks tucked between their stomachs and their thighs, mimicking the way that mother chimpanzees carry their babies. Continue Reading Below Advertisement All this behavior, which was witnessed over a hundred times during 14 years, was not just limited to girl chimps.

One young male chimp was seen using a stick to play "airplane," resting on his back and holding the stick up with his hands and feet, the way that many parents play with their young children. In another instancea male chimp was seen with his own stick dolly after he saw his mom was pregnant, pretending to care for it.

There were no reports on whether his chimp father went out and worriedly fashioned him some chimpanzee G. Joes to get him interested in "man stuff.Jaguar Escapes, Kills 6 Animals At Zoo - New Orleans, LA - The zoo said an investigation will be conducted into how the animal escaped.

6 08 animals

Southwest will soon limit emotional support animals to only cats and dogs, and just one per flier. American, Delta and United have already tweaked their rules. Nov 17,  · Students spread out on the floor and scribbled to the sound of fast and slow music by “The Piano Guys” they love these songs because they recognize them from the Author: smART Class.

View Animals from SCIENCE SC at Freedom High School. Animals By: Elizabeth Zapata Fish Gulf grouper (Mycteroperca jordani) Physical Traits Animal Behaviors Reproductive Process Common.

May 04,  · Here is the best, funniest, cutest and most ridiculous animal / pet video clips collection. From funny cat fails, to monkeys, penguins, goats, ridiculous dogs and so on.

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