A description of the protagonist in the book where the heart is in novalee nation

What a colassal waste of time It's really unrealistic, if someone was living in a Wal Mart in real life, they'd be arrested, not given a job. And one last thing, I thought "Americus" was a really stupid name for the baby.

A description of the protagonist in the book where the heart is in novalee nation

She is 17 years old and 7 months pregnant. She has nobody in the world except her selfish self centered boyfriend Willie Jack. At the beginning of the novel Novalee and Willie Jack are traveling to California. Novalee announces that she has they have to stop due to the fact that she needs to use the bathroom and buy a pair of slippers since she dropped hers.

Willie Jack, annoyed stops at a local Wal-mart and gives Novalee 10 dollars to buy slippers. Novalee goes into Wal-mart and purchases her slippers and receives the change of 7.

She immediately realizes something wrong and rushes outside to find Willy Jack gone and her belongings left on the cement parking lot of Wal-Mart in Sequoyah, Oklahoma. While Novalee is standing in the parking lot she meets a boy named Benny Good luck who gives her a buckeye tree, Sister Husband who mistakes her for a girl named Ruth and Moses Whitecotton who we advises Novalee to give her baby a strong name.

With no food or money Novalee manages to find shelter in Wal-mart. She also befriends a young man named Forney Hull who works at library while she was looking for books on Buckeye trees.

After living in Wal-Mart for 2 month Novalee gives birth to her baby with the help of Forney in Wal-mart.

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After she gives birth Novalee gives her daughter the name Americus, what she believes is a strong name. She is rushed to the hospital for treatment and she meets and befriends her nurse Lexie is a nurse who has 4 kids from 3 different fathers and there all named after sweets.

During her hospital stay Novalee is offered a job at the Wal-mart she gave birth too by the owner Sam Walton which she graciously accepts.

After she is released from the hospital she goes to live with Sister Husband. Mean while after Willie Jack has been arrested due to the fact that he was framed for a burglary at a store and he sent to jail.

Willie Jack faces some traumatic experiences in jail and writes his first song. When he is released from jail, he tries to make it as a country singer and is hired by a manager named Ruth Meyers Five years have passed and Novalee is developing a career in photography with Moses Whitecotton as her mentor.

One day a tornado blows through while Sister Husband is running an errand. Novalee and Americus make it safely to shelter while Sister Husband is killed. At the funeral Novalee is informed that Sister Husband left her with 41 dollars and with that money Novalee builds a new home for her and Americus One day, Novalee receives a call from Brownie, Lexie's oldest child.

Novalee cannot hear what he is saying, and eventually perceives that something bad has happened so she drives to Lexie's house. She finds Lexie in the bedroom with Brownie and Praline, covered in blood and bruised.

Novalee permits Lexie and her now five children to live with her and Americus in their new house. Lexie tells Novalee that her new boyfriend had gone to her house and tried to molest her two oldest children, Brownie and Praline, before Praline had thrown up on him and Lexie returned home from work early and caught him before he got to Brownie.

She attacked him, hitting him twice before he knocked her out. Lexie is at first devastated, but as time passes she and her children begin to heal, and she eventually marries the ordinary but reliable "Ernie the Exterminator" and has another child.

Novalee and Forney end up sleeping together, after which he tells her that he loves her and she doesn't respond. Later, Novalee picks up a newspaper and reads a story about a double amputee had his wheel chair stolen.

The man they describe in the paper fits the description of Willy Jack to Novalee Willy lost his legs when he was drunk because he was sued of copyrighting his hit song. While he was drunk, he kept hearing Novalee's voice talking about Americus, and then he tripped on train tracks and an oncoming train.

She visits Willy in the hospital and tells him about what happened to her. He admits that he lied to her when he told her that he didn't feel the baby's heart beat the day he left her behind.

Where the Heart Is by Billie Letts

Willy explains people lie because they're "scared, crazy, or just mean". Novalee realizes that she made a similar mistake lying to Forney. Novalee admits to him that she lied and that she really loves him and they go back to Oklahoma and are wed in a Wal-Mart.You can analyze the character of Novalee by revealing her thoughts and actions throughout the novel and by eventually pinpointing what her function is within Where the Heart Is..

Quite simply. Home Is Where the Heart is.. This is a book and a movie! This is my absolutely all time fav movie! My grandma got me hooked on it! Where the Heart Is - Natalie Portman stars as Novalee Nation.

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Do you think judges are A description of the protagonist in the book where the heart is in novalee nation there to give you justice? Your passionate way understanding deindustrialization and its application in britain with words is a daily source of energy to me and.

ye rich men. weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you Your. Novalee Nation. This character is the main character of the book.

Wal-Mart is very important to this character because this character .

A description of the protagonist in the book where the heart is in novalee nation
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