A discussion of the features related to police pursuits

For future vehicles the features will most likely come standard.

A discussion of the features related to police pursuits

Features Managing High-Speed Pursuits Pursuits can be deadly for everyone involved, but they can't be prohibited in all cases. So agencies need to have policies and procedures in place to reduce the danger.

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A USA Today article reports that from topolice officers were killed during or as a result of high-speed pursuits. During that same time frame, more than 5, passengers and bystanders were inadvertently killed due to high-speed police chases, and tens of thousands of people were injured.

Suspects also endangered themselves by choosing to run from the law. USA Today says 6, suspects died in high-speed pursuits during the time frame of its research. It's no wonder that inthe Justice Department called police chases "the most dangerous of all ordinary police activities.

Ina study funded by the Justice Department revealed that the most common violation for suspects who caused high-speed pursuits was car theft. The second most common offense was having a suspended license, and the third was avoiding arrest.

High-speed vehicle pursuits can be some of the most dangerous operations in law enforcement, so they must be managed by policy and command oversight. Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn believes that the risks involved with high-speed pursuits do not justify the rewards.

In an interview for that USA Today article Flynn said, "Overwhelmingly, someone is fleeing because they've got a minor warrant, their car isn't insured, they've had too much to drink Inhe showed his class of officers a video of a police chase that ultimately ended with the fleeing vehicle being rammed by a police cruiser, leading the passenger and her child to be ejected.

The driver's offense was possessing a small amount of crack. Vaughn asked if a suspect could be shot for possessing a small amount of crack and equated the two events.


Vaughn says that many officers "perceive a fleeing suspect as something personal. It has been reported that vehicle pursuits are the second greatest source of awards and judgments against law enforcement agencies.

The constitutionality of high-speed pursuits has come under scrutiny in recent decades, focusing on what the courts sometimes view as a "disproportionate use of force.

Second Circuit Court of Appeals published a test to determine whether police used excessive force. This test has four aspects: An action that does not pass this test is a violation of the suspect's 4th and 14th Amendment rights. High-speed pursuits often begin as the result of a traffic stop over a relatively minor offense.

The Glick test was used in during the ruling on Tennessee v. Garner, a landmark U. Supreme Court case that established officers cannot legally kill unarmed persons just because they are running away from the officers. In its ruling, the Court noted that the need to catch Garner, who was suspected of burglary, did not outweigh the suspect's life because he did not pose a considerable threat to society even though he committed a felony.

Inthe Supreme Court again made a decision regarding disproportionate force, this time with regard to non-lethal force. Connor, the Supreme Court used both the Johnson v.

A discussion of the features related to police pursuits

Glick and the Tennessee v. Garner opinions to determine that force should be proportionate to the danger posed by the subject, the seriousness of the offense, and the harm in failing to capture the subject.LOS ANGELES — Police chases in Los Angeles County are “causing unnecessary bystander injuries and deaths” and most pursuits are launched in response to relatively minor crimes, according to a new grand jury report.

Feb 08,  · Features The Next Generation of Patrol Vehicles Look at the current police vehicle and consumer vehicle trends and you can make predictions about what you'll be driving on duty in the next decade.

A high-speed police chase makes for exciting reality television. Such video also garners top-tier viewer interest on YouTube. But when these pursuits cause death or life-changing injury to other. The limitations of the PIT maneuver in police pursuits At the top of the list of concerns for law enforcement administrators is their agency’s motor vehicle pursuit policy.

Vehicle pursuits and use of the PIT maneuver hold the highest potential for officer injuries, negative public relations, damaged property and threats of legal action. Jun 15,  · High-speed police pursuits can be deadly for police officers, innocent bystanders, and suspects.

A discussion of the features related to police pursuits

A USA Today article reports that from to , police officers were killed during or as a result of high-speed pursuits. Car crashes were the second leading cause of U.S. police fatalities between and , second only to gun-related deaths.

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