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I'm looking for this peer review to act as a dry-run of the FAC, so don't hold back the criticisms! Because of its length, this peer review is not transcluded. It is still open and located at Wikipedia: I've listed this article for peer review because I would like to know if this is on the right track to a GA.

Asp response write ampersand capital partners

What was your role at Pansophic? Explain briefly what Telon is. One of the first RAD tools. Provides tools for prototyping and testing with an interactive screen designer and debugger. Please see the CA website for the current definition.

What were you doing that led up to Telon? I was employed by Liberty Mutual Insurance starting in I was the lead designer and technical implementer of the project.

I worked with the business user, George Bean, to design the system. I met Don Christensen on this project in ' Is there a parallel with Telon? Did your work leading up to Telon give you an understanding of the problem that Telon tried to solve?

Telon was designed to automate the development process that George and I had gone through to implement the CAPS application. From a design perspective: As the designer I would sit with George and we would layout screen formats on a terminal and print them out.

We would then take those print outs and notate the business requirements. It was a crude form of prototyping which worked very well.

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It was the precursor to the Telon Design Facility. It laid out a flow of screens that the designer could use to standardize the system design. It removed the "creativity" from screen flow which removed a lot of complexity.

Each entity had it's own series of screens which adhered to the same formats and screen flow. It simplified the design process for screen layout and system design. From this experience came the Telon standard "template" for system and program design.

It was called the "Circle Flow" design technique as each entity had a number of screens which all flowed together. From a technical perspective as the lead implementer: Liberty Mutual had bought a generic claims system from Insurance Systems of America.Ilustrado in the Shadow of Rizal.

To Syjuco's credit, he is not oblivious of the politics of reading and writing for domestic and international audiences. 3 One self-imposed challenge that [End Page 6] Syjuco confronted was how to write a novel that would appeal to an audience that included both Filipinos and non-Filipinos without being weighed down by self-exoticization and didacticism.

The original draft of this article was created as part of a class project for the University of following are transcripts of phone and email interviews conducted with some of the people who were involved (and are still involved) with the creation of TELON.

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asp response write ampersand capital partners
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