Ba semesters i to vi 1

Advanced Non-native speakers of English: Contact the English as a Second Language Institute for eligibility and regulations ; and Two additional courses outside of the student's major in two of the following: Humanities track One modern language course or higher; and Two additional courses outside the department of the student's major from two different departments chosen from: In addition to all other College of Liberal Studies core requirements, all students in CLS must complete a second major, minor, or program option by satisfying one of the following:

Ba semesters i to vi 1

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Honors Students in UWM's international studies program take courses in history, political science, economics, anthropology, comparative literature, and foreign languages to build a program around their own specialized interests in international relations, politics, economics or development.

The International Studies IS major offers a number of special programs designed to help students deepen their knowledge of international affairs. Understanding the nuances of globalization in our personal and professional lives, speaking the languages of others, and appreciating cultural diversity are essential skills for living and working in the world today.

UWM's program is based on the principles of the liberal arts with an emphasis in broad knowledge of people, places, and institutions and the skills to be an adaptable professional in a global marketplace.

International studies majors have the ability to interact across cultures, converse in more than one language, analyze problems across cultural or national boundaries, adapt to new and foreign situations, appreciate differences in people and processes, and problem solve across different areas and formats.

With this background, students have job opportunities in many different industries and many different roles. Career choices immediately after college are often influenced by the hands-on experiences obtained during the college years. Students are encouraged to explore all of their options through internships, part-time jobs, and volunteer experiences.

UWM has programs at more than 70 sites around the world that vary in length from a few week immersion, to semester-long, to even a full year. Because of the complexities of planning a study abroad experience, students are encouraged to start planning early in sophomore year.

Most students engage in study abroad during their junior year.

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Students often wonder what the differences are between Global Studies and International Studies. The foreign language requirements for the International Studies program are not as stringent as those in Global Studies, and study abroad is not required for International Studies as it is for Global Studies.

The College requires that students must complete in residence at UWM at least 15 credits in upper-division numbered or above courses in their major.

To complete a major, students must satisfy all the requirements of the major as stated in this catalog. Students who declare their majors within five years of entering the UW System as a degree candidate may satisfy the requirements outlined in any catalog issued since the time they entered.

Credits used to satisfy the major also may be used to satisfy other degree requirements.> BA Home Science (V, VI semester) > Punjabi (V, VI semester) > MIL (Hindi (I to VI semester) > Electronics Under graduate Syllabus (3rd to 6th semester) > .

College of Liberal Studies (CLS/SAC) Bachelor of Arts core requirements

Early Admission for Undergraduates (BA-MA Program) Students enrolled at Columbia College, SEAS, Barnard, and the School of General Studies may apply for early admission to the MA program in Religion and begin their MA coursework in their senior year while completing their undergraduate degree.

1= To be chosen from the Univer sity-Wide General Edu ca tion Approved Course List. Three hours of general edu ca tion must be upper-di vi sion outside the major. Three hours of general edu ca tion must be upper-di vi sion outside the major.

Academic Concentrations for Childhood Education Majors (GRADES ) – BA or BS Academic Concentrations for Early Childhood Education Majors (Birth-Grade 2) . Bachelor of Arts Requirements: Free Elec tives • A minimum of two semesters must be spent in residence in the College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences.

six hours at the upper-di vi sion level (level). VI of the Civil Rights Act of , as amended (questions or complaints based on race, color, and national origin), the 1. Twenty-three (23) units or forty-six (46) credits are required for graduation.

A unit is composed of two semesters of work.

Ba semesters i to vi 1

A credit is one semester of work. 2. Freshman must pass English 9 and one year of math to be.

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