Dtmf remote appliance control system using


Dtmf remote appliance control system using

How to Write a Summary of an Article? The aim of the proposed system is to develop a cost effective solution that will provide controlling of home appliances remotely and enable home security against intrusion in the absence of homeowner.

Now it is a necessity to control devices more effectively and efficiently at anytime from anywhere.

DTMF Cell Phone controlled Home appliances- Engineering automation project - Circuits Gallery

Take an instant when we are going to office and suddenly remembered that to switch off the microwave oven we fell convenient if we could switch off without going back to home, in such situations this project comes to our rescue.

This includes a mobile phone which is connected to the system via head set. To activate the mobile phone unit on the system, a call is to be made and as the call is answered auto answer modein response the user would enter a password to access the system to control devices.

As the caller presses the specific button on the keypad, it results in turning ON or OFF specific device and the device switching is achieved by relays. In this project, we designed a basic model and it is used to control 4 lights using a mobile phone, micro-controller and transceiver.

The maximum number of devices that can be operated will be the number of buttons present on the keypad of mobile phone. Block Diagram Fig 1. Brief Description of Hardware Modules: Philips 89C51 Micro-controller 4.

Liquid Crystal Display 5. Power Supply Unit 6. The mobile phone used here is Nokia as it has the required features and is interfaced with the transceiver through ear phones.

The transceiver consists of transmitter and receiver. It has a 40 pin configuration and contains non volatile Flash memory of 64KB which is both parallel programmable and serial in system programmable memory. This is a standard circuit using external 12V DC adapter and fixed 3-pin voltage regulator.

Dtmf remote appliance control system using

Diode is added in series to avoid reverse voltage. For high input impedance, we may use two transistors to form a darling ton pair and this pair in CC configuration provides input impedance as high as 2Mohms.

Relays are remote control electrical switches that are controlled by another switch, such as a horn switch or a computer as in a power train control module. Relays allow a small current flow circuit to control a high current circuit.

The devices can be micro-wave oven, bulbs, fans, air cooler, etc which are far away from the user.

DTMF Based Home Automation Project with Circuit Diagram This manual switching of any home appliance is an inconvenient method for physically disabled or elders or even for normal young guys when frequent switching operation is required. Thus, this conventional manual switching method has to be overcome by an easier method of switching.
Remote Control for Home Appliances


The micro-controller plays the intelligent part in controlling these devices. This project is used to control the appliances present at a distance using a mobile phone.

The first step is the user should make a call to the mobile phone, which is in auto answer mode and thus call gets connected.

The user presses the digits present over the keypad of his phone for controlling the appliances present at home or office.

Circuit diagram of mobile controlled home appliances

Whenever a button is pressed a tone is generated and it is transferred to the mobile phone present in the home or office, which is interfaced with the DTMF transceiver. The DTMF receiver decodes the tone generated and it activates the controller accordingly.

The controller operates the devices according to the coding set by the user.This project “Appliance control using DTMF decoder” is used to control appliances which are far away from the user using mobile phone.

The aim of the proposed system is to develop a cost effective.

Know about Remote Control for Electronic Home Appliances

The maximum number of devices that can be operated will be the number of buttons present on the keypad of mobile phone.. 1 Block diagram: Figure 1. 1: Block Diagram Fig 1.

1 represents the block diagram of DTMF Remote Appliance Control System using Mobile phone, used to control the appliances present at a distance. system is a microcontroller-based, software driven, reliable, real-time control system, autonomous, or human or network interactive, operating on diverse physical variables and in diverse environments and sold into a competitive and cost conscious market.

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In this project “DTMF Based Home Automation System” we are going to control our home appliances wirelessly. An the important feature of this project is, that we are not going to use any microcontroller in it.

Can we control home appliances using dtmf tone, through wifi lan connection if yes then please send me a solution, that how it. Do you think that you can control your home and office electrical appliances using your cell phone?

Yes.! you can Here is a simple home controls home automation electronic mini project circuit diagram for engineering students, to control any electrical appliances using mobile phone without using a microcontroller. This circuit makes use of DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency) technique.

It is a DTMF (dual- tone multiple-frequency) based system consists of two mobile phones, DTMF decoder and ATmega8 microcontroller. One mobile phone is used as remote which may locate at far distance from home and another mobile phone is located at the home which acts as a receiver.

DTMF Based Home Automation Project with Circuit Diagram