Sgs university of toronto thesis submission

Earning a degree is more than simply completing a few courses, carrying out a piece of research and writing a thesis; it is the process of becoming a professional in a given area.

Sgs university of toronto thesis submission

Earning a degree is more than simply completing a few courses, carrying out a piece of research and writing a thesis; it is the process of becoming a professional in a given area. The thesis demonstrates a wide and critical knowledge of the field, an ability to ask appropriate questions and set the research in its proper context, a mastery of the appropriate research techniques and an ability to communicate ideas and results have been communicated effectively to a group of peers.

The thesis is about making an original contribution to a particular research field within a framework of research training. It does, however, mean finding a knowledge gap and answering the question s posed by that gap. Original contributions in the area of clinical epidemiology may include: Scholarly enquiry into the theoretical foundations of clinical epidemiology, in areas such as study design, measurement of health or health care, and approaches to analysis and interpretation of the data derived from such studies.

Development of new methods or tools pertinent to study design or measurement of health or health care. Significant advancement of existing methods or tools in study design, measurement or analysis.

Application of existing methods or tools in such a way as to advance knowledge of health and health care. All members must have an appointment at the University of Toronto. Faculty who are appointed in other departments are not automatically approved to supervise students.

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The thesis committee should have a minimum of three members. Role of the Thesis Supervisor The supervisor provides advice on all aspects of the thesis project.

Additionally, the supervisor, in conjunction with the student, is expected to complete the Annual Student Study Plan by August 1 of each year the student is enrolled in the Program and return it to the CEHCR office.

For further information on supervisor role, please see the SGS website: Types of Research Projects for a Thesis A PhD thesis is one in which there is an element of originality the work represents a unique contribution to the field and the potential for 3 papers as a result just a rough guideline.

Sgs university of toronto thesis submission

Students can elect to analyse an ongoing study or design a new study. If analysis is the main focus of the thesis the student is not required to have designed the study. If the design is the main focus of the thesis, students must also do some data analysis related to the design of the study e.

A study can involve a primary data collection e. RCT, survey, observational study or analysis of secondary data e. Clinical Epidemiology — Selecting a Thesis Topic. There are two steps in the thesis proposal approval process: Approval of the thesis question and the composition of the thesis committee By the end of the first academic year of enrollment in the CEHCR program, the student is expected to have: The Supervisor and student must ensure that all members of the thesis committee are thoroughly familiar with the research proposal at an early stage of development and fully participate in all phases of the research.

Sgs university of toronto thesis submission

This is to avoid potential disagreements at a later stage. The Thesis Supervisor should arrange for the proposal to be presented at one of the hospital or research institute based Clinical Epidemiology Rounds. The Supervisor and members of the Thesis Committee should be present for this preliminary presentation.Clinical Epidemiology Yellow Book Thesis Guidelines.

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A. Introduction. While the University of Toronto sometimes exempts student research from full ethics review, students must apply for such exemptions and supply the appropriate documentation to the IHPME graduate office. Deadline for Submission of Completed Thesis to SGS: Expected.

As of September 1, , the School of Graduate Studies will ONLY accept the submission of theses in electronic format. Please view SGS – Producing your Thesis webpage for information on electronically submitting your thesis.

your thesis according to SGS guidelines for ultimate electronic submission. Electronic theses and dissertation (ETD) instructions and templates are available through the SGS web- site here. The thesis (dissertation in practice) should normally be written/produced in English, but with the permission of the School of Graduate Studies, a graduate unit may permit or require students in that unit to write the dissertation in practice in French.

submission and approval of a thesis proposal After securing a thesis supervisor and developing a thesis topic in consultation with that supervisor, the student submits a Preliminary Thesis Proposal (Form A *), outlining the focus and approach of the proposed thesis, to the Department by November 1st of the second year (or third year for.

Thesis Defense (MSc Students) Final Oral Examination (PhD Students) Thesis Submission Guidelines; Current students nearing the end of their graduate program should discuss matters related to timelines, committee selection, thesis review, thesis publications, Dept defence waiver, and the SGS approval process with the Graduate Coordinator, Harry Elsholtz, [email protected]

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