Special education article review essay

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Special education article review essay

Learning transcends walls.

He explained that he tore strips of paper, dipped them in a glue mixture and spread them on the vase to make a pattern. He said that he folded tissue paper and attached it to green pipe cleaners to make the flowers.

I thought to myself, that speech therapist is a genius. But my husband was dismayed: But more and more teachers, therapists and organizations are recognizing the fact that some students learn most effectively through the arts.

For example, there are cases of non-verbal students who can sing before they learn to talk. Science, math and other academic subjects can be made more accessible through drawing, painting, sculpting and mixed media.

The arts may offer a quantifiable strategy to develop skills and knowledge for students in special education. Research has consistently demonstrated that Special education article review essay in the arts increases student achievement across all subject areas, as well as social and adaptive skills.

Special education article review essay

Part of this is due to the multi-sensory nature of the arts: For example, when my son draws a diagram, map or visual interpretation for homework, he is more likely to remember the key terms and concepts.

Medical studies have found that participation in creative arts reduces stress, which in turn enhances the ability to learn. In addition, because procedural memory is more reliable than short-term memory, the daily drills and routines of music, dance and drama classes allow a person with special needs to retain that knowledge and experience.

But for therapeutic goals, music therapy has the largest body of evidence to support its efficacy for students in special educationespecially those with autism. Scientists hypothesize that music engages the mirror neuron system in the human brain, which supports development in sensory-motor integration, speech and social skills.

Music therapy can be individualized to accomplish goals in fine motor skills, speech, social skills, emotional processing and memory. Bringing the arts into self-contained classrooms Many self-contained classrooms already take time every day for music and movement.

Some school districts also have a music therapist either on staff or under contract to provide services for students in special education. He has been singing that around the house non-stop!

When I was listening to my son explain the art project that he made in speech therapy, I understood that he was working on the following goals: For example, a facilitator may choose to focus on emotional aspects of creativity or creative problem solving skillsor, in the case of drama therapy, emerging literacy skills through the practice and recitation of a script.

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He followed instructions just fine and worked cooperatively with the other students. He just needed extra time for his work. On the one hand, Louie was sitting with friends and the teacher had the same expectations of all students, regardless of ability. Because art, music and drama classes are based on creative expression instead of test scores, they are usually the first choice for inclusion.

Students with special needs can assist the teacher with organizational duties just like all the other students.

They have the opportunity to explore creative media in small groups alongside general education peers. I am in frequent contact with the teacher, who sends home notes and worksheets to help Louie practice.Special Education 2 Executive Summary This paper, commissioned by The Association of Black Psychologists, reviewed the literature on the disproportionate placement of African American children in special education.

To get a clear national picture of early intervention and preschool special education program results, national data are summarized annually by the OSEP-funded centers ECTA (Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center) and DaSy (Center for IDEA Early Childhood Data Systems). Classroom Education / Whole Language -- Journal Article Review.

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Special education article review essay

Education is an effort of the senior people to transfer their knowledge to the younger members of society. It is thus an insti­tution, which plays a vital role in integrating an individual with his society and in maintaining the perpetuation of culture. Essays on the failure of special education began to proliferate almost from its' inception (Zigmond et al., ).

Many contend that the current system is dysfunctional, ineffective, excessively costly, and . A recurring theme of the Kennedy Center forum on Arts Education and Special Education was the need for a repository of information on all topics related, including journal articles, books, descriptions of exemplary programs, and university syllabi.

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